Top 5 Reasons You Should Be Driving a Green Car

Top 5 Reasons You Should Be Driving a Green Car

Environmental concerns are on everybody’s mind, but when people talk about them, it’s easy to feel removed from the topic. Is cutting down on your shower time by a minute really going to help save the environment? Yes! It will! One person’s efforts may make a small difference, but when you add each person by the millions, a huge difference will be made! So if you have been thinking about driving a green car, then maybe these top five reason for driving one will help you make up your mind about it… 

1. You’re a Part of the Solution 

Look, if you even bothered to glance at the article, you probably have some level of guilt about your current efforts to help the environment. If you don’t want to be a part of the problem, then you should start by being a part of the solution. Will it be incredibly frustrating to be amongst a sea of gas-guzzling SUVs as you head down the highway? No. That will be just a tiny annoyance to ignore until everyone has caught up to you. 

2. You Will Inspire Others 

This may happen slowly, but actions speak far louder than words. When you make a commitment to the environment, you send a very clear message — even when you think that message is being lost to the people around you. Just think about all of the successful activist movements you’ve seen in the past few years. Did you ever think they would get as far as they did when they first started? While this isn’t as glamorous of an issue as others, you will feel beautiful when you witness someone changing their mind based on what you do. 

3. Saving You Money 

There it is! This is a solid reason to move forward in your purchase of a green car. As important and appealing as ideals are, sometimes the love of money can be the factor that brings you in. You will spend less money on gas for your new green car’s engine. You can also get federal tax credits that are worth around $7,500 for certain cars. More and more charging stations are popping up to accommodate people who have electric options so you won’t be inconvenienced. While there’s no doubt we’re still at the beginning of the car revolution, we are getting closer to seeing the green car go mainstream.

4. There Is a Perfect Model for You 

Several years ago, we may have just had the green Prius to get us environmentally clean and safe from point A to point B. Now we have practically every car maker looking to score on their version of the green car. You don’t have to get an electric vehicle (because the charging stations probably still won’t be as readily available as you’d like), but certainly look for one with low carbon emissions and high fuel economy. You can get larger or smaller cars with a variety of amenities and price ranges. 

5.  They’re Comfortable and Intuitive to Drive 

As any online traffic school will tell you, knowing how to operate a car and feeling comfortable when driving it are two extremely good ways to keep yourself from having accidents when on the road. Green cars are just as easy to drive as regular cars, so you can feel good if you let your kids or friend borrow it for a few hours, or when you’re just stepping into it yourself. Florida traffic school can help you whether you drive a green car or not, however we hope you consider doing your part to sustain our environment. 

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