What Kind of Home Buyer Are You?

What Kind of Home Buyer Are You?

Estate agents in charge of arranging viewings and showing houses for sale  tend to become very familiar with the characters of potential home buyers that they accompany over time. A lot of home buyers, in general, are often classified into one of these 7 types.

Do you want to find out the kind of home buyer that you are? See if you can look at the characteristics below and see yourself in it as you begin looking for a house you want to buy.

The Shy One

Often referred to as “The Bunny Home Buyer”, they are generally timid and shy. They don’t like intense negotiations and confrontations, as they don’t want to offend the estate agent. For instance, they won’t directly tell the estate agent that the paint work of the house is ugly as they want the agent to think well of them. They won’t say anything repulsive about the property, leading the agents then to find it hard to determine the kind of house “the bunny” would like to buy.

The Fast and Demanding

They’re also called “Shark Home Buyers” as they make a lot of demands while also deciding quite fastly. Once they find something interesting in the listing, they won’t hesitate to call the estate agent and arrange a viewing right then and there. They often want to be the first and only buyer of the desired property.

The Serious, Curious, and Sharp-Witted

Just like a fox, this kind of home buyer spots a home they like and carefully checks it against his list of needs/wants and the comparable sales. They don’t second-guess their decision to buy and trusts their instinct to take them into the right direction. The “Fox Home Buyer” is also very keen when it comes to small issues about the property. They make a mental note of what they see (even write it down or take pictures of) before they make a final decision.

The Visualiser

More often referred to as “The Beaver”, they imagine and create a picture of the house in their minds. Estate agents may show something out of the box, but this type of home buyer would start visualising how they can make the most of it, even if it’s not totally ideal for them. They find reasons and ways to make sense of the property they are being shown.

The “Beaver” home buyer often knows how to work things out to be perfect and they are diligent to methods of construction. Agents often don’t show turnkey homes to this type of buyer, as they don’t have any appeal to the “Beaver”.

The Follower

Like a sheep that follows its herd, this type of home buyer often follows the trends and habits of other buyers that they know. They are often influenced by people close to them and their opinion is often given priority over the buyer’s own. They are unable to make a decision until every person in their trusted circle has approved of it. They don’t fancy buying in “the market” as they prefer to decide when everyone else they know have bought a home – even if it’s not the right time to buy.

The Indifferent and Highly Selective

They’re more known as the “Feline Home Buyer” as their aloofness is somewhat similar to that of a cat. Estate agents are often very careful, even discouraged to this type of homebuyer because they feel like nothing will live up to the buyer’s expectations. The “Feline” are often very detached that estate agents find it hard to believe when they’re ready to make an offer. Often very independent, they seldom need estate agents to send listings and can do her own property search online.

The Seemingly Harmless but Unpredictable

Often compared to a “Panda”, this kind of home buyer seems sweet and harmless, but is really a bear in nature. An estate agent may ask this buyer to put down a deposit, and the “Panda” may take it the wrong way. They are often unpredictable and can confuse the estate agent easily. This type of home buyer would look naive and very pleasant to deal with, but they can also be ruthless with their demands for no reason at all.

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