What You Must Know About Soundproof Windows

What You Must Know About Soundproof Windows

Sound pollution is a price you have to pay for living in an urban area. At times, even in rural areas, sounds have a way of leaking into a home in a variety of ways. The windows are one of the major sources of sound transmission from outdoor to indoors. If you have been looking for a way to reduce the noise in your home, soundproofing your windows is a great place to start. Soundproof windows can reduce the noise coming into your house significantly. Of course, this will really depend on where you live, and your needs will vary.

What You Need to Know About Soundproof Windows

In order for soundproof windows to work, there needs to be a barrier between the sounds and the listening ears. Your walls, insulation, and roof are already part of the house that block out noise. However, naturally, windows are not as resistant to noise. For a window to become soundproof there must be an additional mass to the glass. Alternatively, the distance between the windowpanes could be increased.

There are several more factors that affect the transmission of noise through windows, such as the thickness of the glass. Laminated glass, or glass combined with several layers of plastic could enhance the soundproofing of a window. If you already have windows installed, you can have inserts added to the glass. These inserts add sound-reducing air between the window and the insert.

The Best Soundproofing Windows

Most experts will advice that you get laminated glass. They are designed in a way that they not only reduce the noise, but the vibrations as well. Laminated is not only soundproof, but it also comes with additional features that make it hard to shatter than average glass. Of course, laminated glass is a lot more expensive. Laminated inserts for regular glass are more affordable compared to new laminated glass. Triple paned glass is another option for soundproofing windows, but these highly depend on the amount of noise you experience.

Are Soundproofed Windows Energy Efficient?

The energy efficiency of a window largely depends on the coating and the gas between thermal panes. Soundproof windows normally come with thick or laminated glass, and they can easily be made energy efficient by adding a low-E coating. However, energy efficient windows are a lot harder to soundproof. If you are a homeowner looking to have both soundproof and energy efficient windows, you should look for windows that come with both. This is not a simple DIY project you can take on. If you already have windows installed in your home, look for a professional window expert to come and advice you on the best solution for your precise windows.

Other Sound Reduction Solutions

There are so many other places where noise can seep in, not just the windows. Top reduce all noise, ensure that you patch up holes around windows and door frames as well. Insulation is also a crucial factor that determines how soundproofed your home is. More insulation in your walls will mean less noise getting through. Fabrics deaden sound as well so utilize curtains and rugs in your home.

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