Your Car Can Save Lives

Your Car Can Save Lives

We all know that our vehicles impact the environment in a negative way. While vehicles are now an everyday part of our lives, and we usually have some form of a commute in our daily routines, we can always be working towards minimizing our carbon footprint. If you are looking for ways to save money while also helping the environment, follow along with these inexpensive ways to reduce your overall impact.


Your first option to minimize your environmental impact is to simply drive your car less. Try to take public transit or ride your bike (or even walk if that is a sound option in your city), can help prevent further pollution that is caused by vehicles. And you don’t have to sit in traffic while you drive! If you are taking public transit, you can take care of other work or things you aren’t usually able to finish while driving to your destination.


If not driving is simply not an option for you, consider carpooling. If you are near people you work with, heading there together can save you time and gas, as well as the possibility of getting some cash for offering them a ride. Not only does carpooling help reduce your impact on the environment, but it can help you forge and keep relationships. You can talk in the car, discuss work things, or simply have another person along for the ride (and to accompany you in bumper to bumper traffic). For Californians, carpool lanes offer special exceptions you may be interested in investigating…


Another helpful and inexpensive way to help the environment is to not top off your car while you are filling up your gas tank. This may seem like a trivial example, but it is important for your safety as well as your wallet. Not only can this potentially cause explosions should you overfill your tank, but it also saves you money in the long run. It may not seem like a major savings, but over time the pennies will add up.


Making sure you take your car in for regular check-ups can also save you money over time. While it is not cheap to keep your car up, taking care to know what your car needs to run (and what check-ups and upgrades are necessary in the future) will prevent you from an untimely and expensive mishap down the road. Making sure that your car is okay under the hood will ensure that you aren’t wasting money on extra Freon or windshield fluid because you will know what the real problem with your vehicle is.


For a one-time fee, you can get your windows tinted and save money in the long run by not having to blast your air conditioning. Having your windows tinted will make you feel much more comfortable in your own car because you have an extra barrier between you and the sun. By spending a bit of money on tinting you can save thousands of dollars over time. Using your air conditioner less means less gas used, which of course, means less money spent overall.


Any way that we can help our environment, especially while saving money, is important. While not every way to help the environment may work for you, it is always key to find ways that work for you and your lifestyle. There are many innovative ways that aren’t listed here that can change the world as we know it and reduce our impact. There are many ways to reduce our overall impact, and as long as you make changes that suit you, you are helping minimize our ever-growing carbon footprint.

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