Your Guide to Buying Wooden Furniture From Sustainable Sources

Your Guide to Buying Wooden Furniture From Sustainable Sources

When you’re trying to live an eco-friendly life, it can be trying to furnish your home responsibly. Considering all the different materials used for making furniture takes time. And you can’t always find out where they come from. Woods and plastics in particular can be worrisome. Buying wooden furniture could be contributing to an industry that uses unsustainable sources. While the manufacture of some plastics involves polluting chemicals.  There are several factors to consider if you want to furnish your home without damaging the environment. These include the material, the country of origin and manufacturer.


Choose Wooden Furniture Carefully


When you choose your furniture you don’t have to avoid wood completely. One option is to buy second-hand furniture, but you can also make sure you’re buying from a responsible source. It’s more likely that the furniture is sustainable wood when you buy from a high-quality range, such as the Mobel Oak range. Sustainable forests replace the trees they use with new trees as they fell the ones for timber. This means that there is a continuous cycle, rather than just clearing areas of forest and leaving them. Look for furniture suppliers who state that they use sustainable sources. If they don’t say explicitly, you can always ask.


Be Careful Buying From Certain Countries


There are several countries you should be careful of when buying wooden furniture. You may wish to avoid buying from companies who source their wood from them. Many countries don’t regulate their timber industry well. Illegal logging takes place even in the countries that do. For example, Indonesia has made efforts to curtail illegal logging, but China and Malaysia have been slower. Illegal logging is also a problem in the Congo Basin. You may choose to avoid buying from certain countries. But buying wooden items from responsible sources in these countries can help to support local people. You can look for the FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) logo to ensure a responsible source, no matter the country of origin.


Consider a Sustainable Material


Do you still feel uncomfortable buying wood? Consider buying items made from a more sustainable material. Many materials for furniture and home improvements are made from recycled material. These materials are often waste materials that would otherwise be thrown away. For example, you can buy kitchen countertops made from a paper mulch. They’re just as efficient as, and greener than, counters made from wood. People who are thinking about installing a deck in their garden can use composite decking. This is made from wood waste and recycled plastic, instead of putting in a wooden deck. You can buy composite furniture too, as well as buy items made from more sustainable plants like bamboo.


Finding furniture made using sustainable sources takes a bit of research, but it is possible to do it. Just make sure to look for the signs of a responsible source and manufacturer and ask questions if you can’t find the answers.

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