5 Apps Making Life Easier for the Construction Professional

5 Apps Making Life Easier for the Construction Professional

With all the advances in technology and millions of apps on the markets these days, builders and other workers in the construction industry can find many helpful tools to make the work day easier. From apps that function as construction management software or make it easy to look at blueprints on the go, to those that help with costing projects or make measuring land areas easy, there is a handy tool available to suit every type of need. If you’re keen to start utilizing some of the best technology available in your work each day, read on for five top apps you should consider.

A Estimate All Pro

Creating estimates can be a complex and time-consuming task, but contractors who download the A Estimate All Pro app enjoy the ease of producing estimates on the go. Developed by JLGpro apps, this system is compatible with all Android devices and has been designed to manage a variety of estimating forms for areas in the construction field like concrete, remodeling, painting, fencing or labor.

Users can create unlimited estimates by entering in item descriptions and costs per unit, then let the technology work out the likely cost of completing the work. Once estimates have been created they can be saved, named, edited, viewed, deleted, searched for in the system, or emailed directly to customers. Customers can also utilize alphabetical sorting in their searches; add special notes to each estimate; and sort through frequently-used items.



Created by Loupe, with a co-founder that comes directly from the construction industry, PlanGrid is an app for both iOS and Android operating systems that gives builders the ability to store, manage and view blueprints on their cell phones and tablets. Contractors can store project designs and forward them to other members of the team, removing the need to carry around bulky rolls of plans and blueprints on the job.

The benefit of the app is also in the fact that one master set of plans can be maintained with automatic version control that keeps everyone up to date and always looking at the most recent drawings. No longer will architects, engineers, builders and other contractors potentially work from outdated blueprints — the plans on each person’s cell or tablet will automatically sync in real-time with any changes, making it easy for digital collaboration. The app works with PDF documents, and allows users to zoom in, make notes directly on the plans and add progress photos.



Available for iOS devices, the Planimeter app from Core Signals is a handy mapping app that measures land areas and distances on maps. The system supports both imperial and metric units, and is the perfect piece of technology for builders or developers to utilize when they want to rapidly measure buildings, flat roofs, or roads.

It’s also a great choice when users want to measure lot sizes to determine if they need to use a narrow house plan to suit the block, or to work out how many square feet are in a potential development lot. The Planimeter app works by measuring distances and land areas on maps, based on satellite imagery.

Users simply search for their current location or a specific spot on their smart-phone or tablet and start measuring by dropping pins on the map to plot out lot lines. Coordinates can be included in an optional emailed map as well.


A cloud-based construction management software application designed specifically for building industry professionals, Procore helps make project management issues a thing of the past. The collaborative software includes an app for both iOS and Android users, and makes it possible for customers to manage projects from wherever they are, with any Internet-connected device such as a cell phone or tablet.

Those with the software can manage schedules, create list items, access contact information, change orders, manage documents, RFIs, drawings and submittals, log time-card entries and store and share photos of projects.

Material Estimator

The Material Estimator calculator from Calculated Industries is available for both iOS and Android devices and helps users to reduce errors and save time and money on their projects. Customers can utilize the technology to calculate material quantities, costs and allowances, working in either imperial or metric systems.

The app features functions for instant estimates for things like tiles, flooring, fencing, concrete, paint, gravel, drywall, decks and bricks. It also has a memory function, user-definable preferences (for example, setting custom options with regards to fractions, area or volume) and can estimate costs per unit.

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