5 Ways to Increase the Value of Your Home

5 Ways to Increase the Value of Your Home

With the real estate market still in recovery, it is not plausible to hire expensive contractors to remodel your home. Here are 5 simple weekend projects that you can do yourself to increase the value of your home.


One of the first things people notice about your house is how it looks from the street. Take a weekend and spruce up your yard by pulling weeds, trimming bushes and pruning trees. If your yard lacks vegetation, try planting some bushes or flowers native to your area. Native plants usually require very little maintenance, except for the occasional watering during the warmer months. Apply these ideas to your backyard as well.  If you have natural stone areas in or around your home that need restoring consider a stone and granite repair service provider.

Exterior Paint

Clean the mold and mildew off of all painted and tile surfaces as well as metal roofs. You can clean with a power washer or use soapy water and a bristle brush. Places like Otto’s Exterior will tell you that something as small as a fresh coat of paint can do wonders for the exterior of a home. Be sure to freshen up the front door and the trim and replace address numbers as well as the mailbox.

Interior Patching and Paint

Buy some spackle and fill in all the scratches and nail holes. To keep people from falling to the floor with seizures or sprinting away screaming, do not paint bright, flashy colours or pink polka-dots because you think it is cool. For interior walls, it is better to paint with neutral earth-tones such as tans and off-whites or use whites with a light tint.

Interior colours should have a nice flow, be soothing and be easy on the eyes. Lighter colours will also make rooms seem much larger and feel open and airy. This would also be a good time to replace all of the electrical socket covers and light switch covers as well.

Kitchen and Bathroom

To freshen up dated cabinets, simply measure the doors and purchase new ones in the same size at any home improvement store. Lightly sand and refinish the new doors with stain or paint. Add matching hardware, such as cabinet hinges, drawer pulls and knobs, as well as towel racks, hooks and sink fixtures.

With tile counters, floors or shower and tub areas, it is a good idea to clean and bleach the grout to make it look new. There are also several grout dyes available that will accent all types of tile.

If you have pre-existing stainless steel fixtures that you do not want to replace, grab some polish and rags and make those pieces shine like they are fresh from the box.

Energy Cost Reduction

Replace outdated appliances with products featuring the Energy Star logo. Energy-conserving refrigerators, dishwashers, ovens and freezers can cut energy costs tremendously in the long run. Replace single pane windows with double pane and add ceiling fans to help you save money on cooling and heating bills.

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