A Simple Guide To Making Your House More Eco Friendly

A Simple Guide To Making Your House More Eco Friendly

Whenever the electricity, water or gas bill comes, it’s usually a strong reminder to everyone that his or her house is really anything but eco friendly. This doesn’t have to be the case though. There are definitely ways to update your house so that it is the most eco friendly one on the block! If you’re one of those people that struggle around bill time, keep reading to find out ways you can improve your home.

Blinds & Skylights

Natural light really is the best way to keep your home as eco friendly as possible. Natural light reduces how much you’re turning on light switches in your home, making a world of difference to your power consumption. A skylight is a great way to get natural light to internal rooms or areas prone to shade. Of course, there are times when you need privacy or a little extra darkness. Blinds are a perfect solution. It can be really hard though to find blinds that won’t break the bank or deteriorate over a short period of time. Buy quality blinds from reputable blinds manufacturers such as Stylewise Security and Glass – they’ll work perfectly and last a long time.

Insulation is Key

Instead of having the air-conditioning or fan on 24/7 during summer, get your house insulated! This will not only keep you cool during the warm months, but also keep you warm during winter! IF you’re naturally cooling your house through ventilation, shading and insulation, it’s important to have control over the opening, closing or even covering of the windows. This is where your blinds will again come in handy.

Low Wattage Light Bulbs

It’s a simple, easy thing to do – get light bulbs with a low energy rating. Usually they’re even brighter than standard light bulbs. It’s really easy, just do it today!

Motion Sensor Lights

Install motion sensor lights outside, because it’s really easy to forget to turn off the outside lights. Out of sight, out of mind! Motion sensor lights take away this issue altogether – you don’t have to remember to turn them on, and you definitely don’t need to remember to turn them off! They’ll only work (and only use electricity) when you’re in close proximity.

Low Flow Toilet Systems

You can install a flow meter or a toilet system that use less water than a normal toilet which will save you money on your water bill, and be way better for the environment. Before you ask, yes, they still do the job of a regular toilet – it’s been tested, thoroughly.

Solar panels

It can be a somewhat expensive endeavour in the beginning, but in the end solar panels will be better for your electricity bill and the environment. It seems so silly to have so much of the sun’s natural energy going to waste, especially while we spend money and unnecessary energy to run our homes. If you don’t have the resources to switch over to solar for your whole home, you could simply switch to a solar hot water tank. The transition will still save a significant amount of electricity and money.

It seems like a really hard thing to do in theory, but in practise making your house eco friendly is so easy! Follow these steps, reduce your carbon footprint and watch your bills drop in price!

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