Air Pollution Control for Businesses

Air Pollution Control for Businesses

Air pollution, and how it impacts both the environment and our own health, is one of the biggest issues that businesses are facing right now. Simply complying with air pollution legislation should be the minimum expectation of any company. However, taking the extra efforts to further reduce your contributions to the issue should be the end goal. By doing so, you may even find that your business benefits in ways you didn’t initially expect.

Identifying the Source

Lots of people may assume that the only businesses that contribute to air pollution are large manufacturers or premises that deal with processing raw materials. While it’s true that these kinds of companies are among the biggest contributors to the issue, many types of SMBs can also add to the problem as well when the proper precautions are not effectively put in place, including construction companies or transport-reliant businesses.

Working with industry experts to learn how to effectively treat the issues impacting your own premises could contribute greatly to the overall health of the environment. For instance, many dry cleaners, painting companies, and businesses dealing with automotive repair should be more aware of the toxic substances used in cleaning agents and solvents that they use on a daily basis. Coupled with poor waste storage and ventilation systems, this can contribute to a number of harmful toxins escaping into the atmosphere.

Dealing with the Risks

There are many different pieces of environmental legislation that impact different kinds of businesses in the UK, such as limits on burning waste, environmental permits and licenses, and even noise pollution that could have a detrimental effect on your neighbours. Similarly, for those who operate within the European Union emissions trading system, you are required to hold a greenhouse gas emissions permit. This includes businesses that produce iron and steel, cement and lime, paper, glass, ceramics, and chemicals.

Finally, not only will complying with air quality legislation eliminate the chance of having to pay for any fines or penalties, it could also bring with it a number of other benefits. Many businesses find that their legal and financial expenditure is reduced, as your insurance premiums are lower and the chance of any compensations claims from employees or members of the public decrease. Likewise, using your environmental policies in your advertising may bring in new kinds of consumers as well as increase your standing in the local community.

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