Bi-fold doors: Invite the light and nature inside

Bi-fold doors: Invite the light and nature inside

Bi-fold doors are an exceptional opportunity to open up your home and invite the light and the nature inside. Earlier, large window sections were equal a paramount heat consumption, but not anymore. Now you can experience the absolute intake of light into the house without compromising the wishes to do something good for the environment.


The essentials of light

Many houses, especially old houses, experience a bad or decidedly awful intake of light. Poor intake of light can affect the overall impression of the house in a really bad way, but even worse, it can make its residents feel sad, tired, or even depressed. Natural light is absolutely crucial for humans to feel vigilant and observant, which is why it is of paramount importance that the places we frequent, like our workplace or our homes, are lightened in an optimal way. Today the doors are made with to or even three layer glass, and the aluminum construction that makes the frame has a core of foam that offer the best head insulation according to the latest energy conservation regulations.


Earlier, home owners were very skeptical about large window sections – and with good reason. Large window sections were the majority of times equals a huge loss of heat. But not anymore. Now glass manufacturers are able to make big windows and doors that both allows an outstanding intake of light and isolate most of the heat inside the house.


An architectonic stroke of genius

The intake of light that bi-fold doors supply to a room is a visionary implementation that changes the overall expression of even the oldest houses. The new glass technologies even provide the ability to make thin glass doors with minimum loss of heat and high level of security.

Nowadays, manufacturers provide a wide range of solutions when it comes to bi-fold doors. You can, in co-operation with the manufacturer, design your own bespoke solution, where you can choose color, thickness and other cosmetic expressions, so the door matches the facade and the interior of the house.

Besides all the practical advantages that bi-fold doors add to the house, the impressive architectural statement that is implied in the construction alone is breathtaking. Bi-fold doors are simply said just a large piece of glass with aluminum frames, but it adds a wow-factor to the house that you did not think was possible.

You can see examples of professionally made, energy efficient bi-fold doors here.


Seek advice from professionals

Bi-fold doors can be different sizes and shapes, but it is important that you turn to professionals to seek advice. The large size and heavy weight can have implications on the construction of your house, so it is a good idea to ask a professional what possibilities you have with exactly your house. Talk with the window manufacturer – they without doubt collaborate with skillful installers, so you do not have to break your head with technicalities.





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