Build Your Own Fabulous Dining Table: The Simple Way

Build Your Own Fabulous Dining Table: The Simple Way

Building your own dining table is extremely eco-friendly, and can give you a wonderful sense of achievement. When all of your guests ask you where you bought your fabulous dining table, you can proudly tell them that you put it together yourself. It doesn’t need to be difficult either, although your dining table is sure to turn out great. Here’s how you can make your own great looking dining table, the simple way:

Get Your Materials


The first thing you need to get is a plain, regular rectangular table. Yes, you need to buy a table to make a table. If you want a smaller table, just one will do. If you want a large table, you’ll need two rectangular tables. Find the cheapest out there – it doesn’t matter.


Attach Your Tables


Put these tables together if they aren’t already, and then attach them to each other using wood and screws. Don’t worry too much about what the wood you’re using looks like, as it’ll get covered up later on. Make sure your tables are firmly attached though.


Build a Strong Frame


Grab yourself some cheap pine planks and build a strong frame for your table. The width is your choice. The planks, once applied to the top of your table, will hang over the edge. Make sure they are evenly attached on both sides for the best result. Use screws to keep your pine planks sturdy once they are in position.


Cut Your Planks


Cut your new tabletop planks from a wood of your choice. You’ll need to do the measurements depending on your table and how large you want it to be. You can arrange the planks on your table any way you like; perhaps vertical boards, bordered by horizontal to create a nice effect. You can then sand the boards. Once you’re sure of your layout, use screws underneath the table to attach them. Your screws should be sturdy and long enough to go through the table, subframe, and top planks, but they shouldn’t pierce your table. This is where your measurements are important.


Hide The Evidence


The next step is to ‘hide the evidence’ that you’ve actually dressed up a ready made table. Attach an ‘apron’ cut from wood to the side of your frame, to help hide the subframe and everything else. At this point, you can choose to make your table legs chunkier with more pieces of pine. This will give you the look of a designer dining table. However, this is totally up to you.


The Fun Part


Now you can distress your new table! You can use spanners, nails, hammers, and coins to create a distressed, expensive look with your table. Stain your table using a wood stain of your choice. You should now have a big, antique, expensive looking dining table to show off to guests!


You can make more DIY home improvements by reading this post. I hope you love your new table and found this post useful!

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