Creating a visually appealing eco-friendly home in no time!

Creating a visually appealing eco-friendly home in no time!

Sprucing up your home doesn’t necessarily need to cost you a dime every time! You can even enjoy “fun” changes in your personal space by just rearranging your furniture. Today, if you are looking forward to remodeling your home at Virginia Water and are willing to spend some (not much) money as well then make sure you’re taking a look at these leading eco-friendly home décor tips. Green homes play a major role in reducing negative impact on environment. Do your bit for the planet as well. Sustainability is at the heart of the home redesigning efforts of most of the modern homemakers out there. The tips provided below will help you join the league.

A few Green Home Décor Ideas

Creating an environment-friendly personal space is all about recognizing areas where you’re going environmentally wrong and rectifying the same. For instance, start off by determining whether all the décor items in your home are something that you need or not. For instance, today if you want to have your old wooden cupboard replaced by a new one, you can first consider remodeling the old one instead of buying something new. Even if you are looking for new décor items, look for the ones that are recyclable and sustainable. Here are more tips to help you.

Cotton, bamboo and linen

Consider getting natural organic fibers such as cotton, bamboo and linen for your home. In fact, these items can easily make it to the top of your wish list especially when you are looking forward to decorating your bedroom. Slipcovers, for instance, can be accessed in variant choices of organic cotton styles. Drapes can be procured in natural fabrics as well.

Window treatments

Opt for eco-friendly window treatment options as well. To start off with, let us tell you that bamboo rods make for great curtain rods owing to their length, strength and visual appeal. Coming back to curtains, you need to select materials that are made of natural fibers instead of the ones that are not made likewise. If you are particularly looking for tie-backs, then you can actually resort to creative recyclables like trouser socks. Tie them around the curtain panel and then dart the ends into rosette.


A little bit of paint can render a very different look to your home. Create a focal wall with a little bit of paint and you have guaranteed a brand new look for your home. And, while painting your wall, make sure you’re only making use of low VOC paints. You can also opt for clay or milk-based paints. The low VOC paints make use of water instead of petroleum-backed solvents. As a result, the degree of harmful emissions is also lowered. Low VOC paints can also transform the look of your furniture in no time.

Last but not the least; you need to educate yourself about even about the minutest and the most unique ways of decking up your personal space in an eco-friendly fashion.

Keep these points in view without fail and take all the right steps towards environment sustainability.

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