Don’t get burnt –  store and use fireworks safely this bonfire night.

Don’t get burnt – store and use fireworks safely this bonfire night.

Fireworks contain explosives, are highly dangerous and require extra care when handling and storing. That might seem like an obvious statement, but with over 900 injuries last year on Bonfire Night alone; almost 500 of which being children*, it’s one we can’t repeat enough.

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When done right, firework displays can be a great source of entertainment for the whole family to enjoy. Safestore, the UK storage specialists, have provided their top tips for a fun filled, injury free bonfire night.

Prior to purchasing any fireworks, make sure they are meant for home use, suitable for the size of your garden and have the British Standard number clearly marked on them (BS 7114).

The shop that you purchased the goods from may allow you to store them there until the night of your display, if this is an option; we strongly advise you take it. If the retailer won’t allow you to store the fireworks, try to leave purchasing them till as late as possible.

Fireworks should be kept away from any sources of heat or ignition when being stored, especially includes naked flames. You should never smoke around stored fireworks, use heaters or have equipment that heats up when used within the same vicinity. Other flammable sources should be stored separately, including petrol, oils, paints and alcoholic spirits.

Keep fireworks dry at all times, and within their original packaging. If you have to store the fireworks in an external shed or garage then wrap them tightly in bin bags to stop any moisture reaching the product.

It is important to note that self storage companies often won’t allow you to hold fireworks within their storage rooms, and storing fireworks within the home can pose health and safety hazards.

Sparklers are still fireworks; in fact, if 3 sparklers are burnt together, they will create the same heat as a blowtorch and could join metal. Sparklers are specifically dangerous with younger children who may not be aware of the risks when using them. Adults should light the sparklers whilst the children hold the base of the stick, and sparklers should only be used by children of suitable age. Keep a close eye on them at all times, ensure they wear gloves, and once finished dispose of the sparkler into a bucket of water.

It is actually illegal to set fireworks off after 11pm, so make sure you have your timings right if you are putting on your own display. Fireworks displays usually take place in November; it’s going to be cold, so wrap up warm.

Lastly, always keep a few buckets of water around; or an extinguisher if you have one suitable, just in case there are any emergencies.

Enjoy your fireworks night safely and responsibly.

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