Dress up your home with energy saving ideas

Dress up your home with energy saving ideas

This article covers ways to make your home look better and save money as well. Replacing windows and doors is included, along with other insulating ideas. Using curtains, carpets and throws for warmth is also looked at.

Everyone wants to save money on their bills and also live in an attractive house, so why not combine the two? There are home improvements you can make that will save on the monthly costs and make your home more attractive, so take a look around at any part of your house that looks a little shabby and then work out some ways to improve it.

Heating bills are some of the most expensive to cover in both harsh economic climates and actual climates. Old or shabby looking glazing will not work effectively and it will let lots of heat out, as well as look unattractive. Replacing even just some of your windows will make a huge difference to the heat retained in your house as well as making the exterior look better and it doesn’t have to be an expensive job. There are grants available for those on a lower income and many window companies will do a good deal on multiple windows. Shop around for a few quotes; there is no need to get the more expensive hardwood frames, as PVC windows look just as good and come in wood effect. It is important to check with the local regulations if you are in a conservation area as you may have to get a specific style of window fitted.

Go for a quick fix

If you need to save up and it could be a few months away before you can afford new windows, you can do a few quick ddcor changes to save on the heating bills whilst you wait for your PVC windows.

Windows can let the draught in, so invest in a set of thick heavy curtains to keep the heat in and the draught out; you can probably find these at a second hand shop or charity store if you don’t want to spend a lot for a stop gap.

A thick rug on the floor will also warm up a room, even if it is just by keeping your feet warm.

A throw or blanket on the sofa is handy to snuggle under; you’ll feel warm and cosy without the need to put the heating on.

Keep doors closed throughout the house.

Temporarily fix the draughts around windows with a sealer strip if you can; these can be bought very cheaply from a DIY store and just replace an old or rotten window seal.

All of these little things can make a real difference to the warmth of your house whilst you wait for new windows.

New windows and doors will save you money on heating bills in the long run, but if they are too expensive to buy right away, try a few other little tricks to keep your house warm and your bills manageable; you can put the savings towards the windows!

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