Four Things You Must Get Right When Building Your Own Home

Four Things You Must Get Right When Building Your Own Home

Building your own home used to be a dream that was out of reach for the majority. Today, it’s a reality for a growing number of people. It’s now easier than ever to design and build your ideal property. Why settle for what’s on the market already? Around 13,000 people a year do so in the UK. The real adventurers could do so abroad. 1.2 million Brits live in Australia already – why not jet off and build a house over there? Whether you’re attempting to build your home in Surrey or Sydney, here are four key things to remember when doing so.




The right land – in the right place


You’ll need to make sure you’re building in the right place. Explore the area before you make your decision. Look out for any factors that could affect your choice. Is it close to any shops or attractions? If you’re not a city bird, is your land in the heart of the countryside? Make sure you’re buying enough land too. You don’t want to come up short. If you’re moving house, location is the most important decision you’ll have to take. Keep an eye open for good local schools if you’ve got a family in mind. Allow plenty of time to find a good plot of land as well. It’s not always easy to find development sites in the UK. In Australia, there’s land now selling at Emerald Park near Perth. Whatever your desired location, make sure you’re certain before you seal the deal.


The right design


What kind of house do you want? Today, it’s possible to have a home built to almost any specification. TV house-building programmes showcase the most extraordinary designs. It’s possible you’re after something a little more normal, of course! Whatever your idea, make sure you’ve got it sealed as soon as possible. Explore all the options around your design. Is it spacious enough? Have you got every factor and possibility sealed down? You want the right house, in the right place – otherwise it’s not worth bothering. You’re the boss – get the design right for you, and you alone.


The right builder


Bill Clinton once said that politicians want voters to believe that they were born in a log cabin they built themselves. Chances are you won’t be building your log cabin with your own hands. We’re not all experts in this area. You’ll be placing your trust in your chosen builder. Research them first. Make sure you’re getting someone who’s tried and tested. Seek out former customers of any potential builders. See how their houses are doing, even after several years. That’s the true acid test of any good builder, after all.


The right timescale
This one is vital. Don’t let building your own home consume your life. Ensure that your builders do everything at a pace that suits you. You won’t want them to rush, of course. It’s still vital that they don’t leave you hanging around. You’ll have a lot of money tied up in your new property. Don’t allow it to sit there doing nothing for months and years on end. Our final word on this is that life’s too short. Make sure you’re in a position to enjoy your new home as soon as possible.

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