Garden Design Tips For A Novice – Must Read!

Garden Design Tips For A Novice – Must Read!

If you have just bought a new home, you might face a dilemma. The building could be on a new development where they often leave the back garden barren so that the new owners can work their personalised magic on them. We all have different ideas of how a garden should look, so it is a good thing that they don’t try to create a generic backyard for us. Should they do so, there is a danger that people would keep it that way because of the upheaval involved in making changes.


You need to plan well before you start work on that muddy patch at the back of the building. If you have never undertaken such a project before, it can be a daunting task. Don’t worry, you have come to the right place for advice. Here are some fantastic garden design tips for a novice. It’s easy when you know how.


The plan

You must start with a pencil and paper first. Draw the borderline of the garden to scale and show the access gate and back door to the house. Then you must start to sketch other garden features. Don’t worry if your drawing isn’t perfect at this stage; you are only brainstorming. Here are a few other things to put in your plan.


  • Patio Area. You might construct the patio from decking, concrete flagstones, natural stone, and even tarmac. Remember that it might be difficult to create curves with some methods of construction, so I advise you to keep the shape simple. You can always soften the edges with plants.
  • Garden Pond. Water features are en vogue these days. Whether you choose to install a decorative pond or an ultra-modern water feature is up to you.
  • A Fence. You must decide on what style of fencing you mean to employ in the garden. I advise you to use concrete posts if you can; they will last for a lifetime. Wooden posts rot and you must replace them every five years or so.
  • Gazebo. A Softwoods gazebo serves two purposes in the garden. It allows you to add height and gives you a place to sit in the shade during the hottest part of the day. We must consider the third dimension if the garden is to look exciting.
  • Grass. Include an area of grass on your plan. Unlike hard surfaces, you can make the lawn into any shape you like. It can have straight edges, or it can curve around the other features.


When your design is complete on paper, go outside armed with wooden pegs and some string to mark out all of the features. Only when they you can see them in place will you know if the scale looks and feels correct. Use lengths of a garden hose to mark out the grass and any other features that don’t have straight lines.


When you are happy that your design is complete, you can start work. I advise you to leave the grass until last. People who put it down first regret their decision because it succumbs to damage when they work on the other project. You backyard will be a quagmire for weeks to come as you tackle the project, but it is all worth it in the end. I hope your garden turns out to be just like your vision. Then you know it has been a success.



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