Getting the Most from Your Garden

Getting the Most from Your Garden

The British weather is notoriously fickle. No sooner does summer seem to arrive does it decide to disappear again. If you’re lucky enough to have a garden then, in theory at least, you have extra living space to enjoy through the warmer months. So how do you maximise the use that you can get from your garden and make the most of this sometimes neglected space?

Make an Extra Room

If you’ve a reasonable size garden and would like an extra room without the hassle and expense of an extension then you could erect a summer house or log cabin in your garden. The latter can even be insulated so that it’s usable all year round. Whether you’re looking for somewhere to relax, an ideal spot for a home office or space for a playroom, a new room in your garden will make your house less cluttered and allow you to use your outside space even if it’s raining.

Add Shelter 

It’s not just rain that can limit your ability to enjoy your garden, however, but (occasionally!) too much sun. If your garden is south facing then you may find that there is simply no shade when a heat wave strikes and this can limit your ability to spend time in it, particularly if you have small children. Adding a form of shelter such as a retractable canopy, for example, can enable you to enjoy your garden throughout long scorching days.

Add Lighting

As well as thinking about adapting your garden so that it can be used whatever the weather, also give a thought to extending the number of months that it can be used for relaxing and entertaining. If there’s a warm Easter or Indian summer then it still gets dark early so consider installing some outdoor lightingfollow. This will enable you to continue to use your garden as day turns to dusk. There are plenty of attractive ways to do so, whether it’s with the addition of colourful party lights, elegant garden candles or traditional lanterns.

Create a Vegetable Patch 

Expanding on what you use your garden for can also help you to realise its true potential. Consider creating a vegetable patch, even if you only have a small space. If you’re a novice then start out with some grow bags and tomato plants or install a small raised bed and plant some of your favourite vegetables and herbs. If you’ve the space for a greenhouse you’ll be able to grow a greater variety of fruit and veg and extend your growing season.

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