How Businesses Can Reduce Their Footprint

How Businesses Can Reduce Their Footprint

One of the biggest costs in any office, small or large, are IT setup and ongoing running costs. Largely because, on top of the initial purchase price, servers use a lot of energy and require constant air-conditioning. This increased electricity usage not only means high incoming monthly invoices but takes a heavy toll on the environment.

High running costs for IT isn’t a new challenge for businesses. In fact, it is a challenge which was thought of well before it appeared. The results? Virtual Servers hosted off-line in the cloud.

What Is a Virtual Server?

Despite the word virtual, a virtual server is very real. It starts with a physical server which resides in a large warehouse. These warehouses are gigantic buildings located in rural parts of the country. Each one of these servers are so powerful that they are able to perform the task of numerous servers and computers. These virtual instances make up the infrastructure for a virtual server.

How Can a Virtual Server Reduce Energy Usage?

Consider that each website has a dedicated server. This means that pages like the Groupon Coupons page for Vimeo and your favorite email provider have their own servers. These servers all require ongoing energy usage to operate, but also constant climate control and air-flow features.

Instead of each company running ten physical servers, the processing power needed could be provided by one virtual server. With the virtual server (one physical server) using less energy than ten physical servers, the running costs are reduced.

Not only this but given that the virtual server is sitting in a large warehouse where the air conditioning can be more productive, the associated running costs are also reduced.

Why Aren’t Businesses Flocking Towards Virtual Servers?

Security; Primarily. Despite a virtual server being inside a physical server, the physical server is still owned by a separate company and is stored outside of business premises with no oversight as to its storage and use.

If you work for a large company with servers on-site, speak with them about the benefits of moving to virtual servers, including cost saving benefits alongside important positive environmental impacts.

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