How to Check if Your Carpet Cleaning Chemicals are Safe to Use

How to Check if Your Carpet Cleaning Chemicals are Safe to Use

Cleaning our home is not always easy. To ensure that our furniture and living spaces are well maintained and kept clean at all times, we must use the right cleaning products. Moreover, aside from choosing the proper cleaning equipment, it is also important to pick products that are safe and non-toxic. The bathroom and carpet cleaning chemicals you buy, for example, should be free from ingredients that are harmful to our health.

Cleaning our carpets can be pretty tricky. Our shoes come in contact with our carpeted floors all the time, and so it is highly possible that all kinds of bacteria and dirt have accumulated in it.

Here are some tips that can help you pick carpet cleaning chemicals that are safe for you to use in your home:

Read the label.

When we use toxic chemicals, it is not just our health that is affected, but the environment as well. We must watch out for specific chemicals, and understand what’s written on the label before purchasing the cleaning products.

Some of the chemicals to look out for are Isopropanol, Butoxyethanol, Ethanolamine, Hyrdocyacetic acid, Tributyl Tin, and Formaldehyde. Some may cause adverse reactions when inhaled, while others may damage or burn the skin.

Also watch out for words like ‘danger’, ‘caution’ or ‘warning’. These three words signify varying levels of toxicity, and should be taken note of. Products that do not have these words on the label mean they are mild enough to use without protective gear.

Choose products that are plant-based.

It is a known fact that most cleaning materials are harmful to our health especially those that are used to clean drains, toilets, and ovens. So if possible, choose products that are plant-based. Also avoid products with chlorine or ammonia. There is also a sud-forming chemical called DEA that is a known carcinogen which increases the risk of cancer.

Carpet Spot Removers

When using spot removers, it is important to note that this type of product may contain the most dangerous chemicals that can burn your skin if it comes in contact with the substance. It is absolutely important to wear protective gear when using these products. To be on the safe side, use organic cleaning products, or at least avoid those that contain extremely dangerous chemicals like Hydrofluoric acid and Tetrachloroethylene.

The fact that these products are able to remove or eliminate bacteria, dirt and stains quickly, means they are powerful cleaning agents, so aside from double-checking the safety of these products, it’s necessary to wear protective clothing and gear such as goggles, gloves, and safety masks.

Cleaning carpet is not exactly a fun task, and no one looks forward to doing it. But still, it’s something that we need to do in order to keep our home clean and free from harmful microorganisms. At the same time, it helps keep our carpets in good condition so we can still use it for many years to come. Just make sure your carpet cleaning supplies are safe to use.

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