How To Improve The Energy Performance Rating Of Your Home Before You Sell

How To Improve The Energy Performance Rating Of Your Home Before You Sell

Your home must undergo a survey and gain an energy performance score before you sell it. A poor rating will not stop you from selling, but it will alert potential buyers to the fact that it might be expensive to run and inefficient.


Don’t panic if the score isn’t what you expected it to be; you can improve it easily. Some of the improvements will be expensive, and you may not consider them worthwhile. Some, on the other hand, are cheap and easy to carry out.


If you want to improve the EPC score before you sell, here are some awesome ideas to help you achieve your goal.


Attic Insulation Quality

Poke your head through the loft hatch and see how much insulation there is up there. Hot air rises to the ceiling, and it will conduct to the attic if you don’t put a thermal barrier down to stop it.  There should be at least eight inches of insulation, but more is preferable. The product comes on rolls such like the one in the image; it is easy to put in place. The first layer goes in the same direction and between the ceiling joists. It lies directly on the plasterboard to minimise the transfer of heat. Subsequent layers must be at ninety degrees to each other. You can add as much as you like until you notice the bottom layer compressing. When that happens, it becomes less effective.


New Windows And Doors

Modern double -glazed windows and doors are efficient at keeping the heat in and the cold out. Old wooden frames are poor insulators and single panes of glass allow heat to escape and condensation to form. Upgrading all of the units in the house will be an expensive business, but if you use a company that works within the Green Deal, you could get much of your money back. It is a scheme run by government to help people upgrade their homes to an acceptable level of comfort and efficiency.


Cavity Walls

A lot of heat escapes through the walls of your home if they do not contain insulation. It is easy to put a warm jacket on your house by adding insulation to the cavities. The contractors drill holes on the outside of the building and blow the insulation in with special equipment. This improvement also comes under the green deal.


Central Heating

If the central heating boiler is antique, the chances are that it is not as efficient as it could be. Replace it with a new unit that meets or exceeds the best efficiency standards. The work will only take a day and guess what? Yes, if you use a company that works under the green deal, you can get some of your money back. Before you splash out on a new boiler, contact Blundells estate agents to find out if the increase in value of the house will be worth the outlay.


You can change the score easily and make your home attractive to buyers. Keep calm and consider the alternatives. Some people think that it is worth the outlay to make the house sell quicker than it would otherwise. It is a matter of personal choice. Now that you understand the subject, what improvements can you make?



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