How To Install A New Bathroom Suite The Easy Way

How To Install A New Bathroom Suite The Easy Way

Most people are happy to undertake some small DIY jobs around the home. Some people add to their skills as they go along until they have the confidence to take on renovations that they once thought were only for professionals.


Most people can replace their bathroom suite. It isn’t as difficult as you might think at first. If you have patience and can work methodically, there is no reason you can’t do it too. There are a couple of tips that will make the job easy, so read on. You could have a new bathroom in no time at all.


Disconnect The Old Fittings

You must remove the bath, toilet, and vanity unit first. Here’s how to go about it.


  • Turn off the water supply with the main stopcock and open all of the taps until the water ceases to flow.
  • Look underneath the units where the copper pipes meet the taps. The supply to the toilet is usually on the side. You will see a large nut. Use a spanner to undo it in an anti-clockwise direction until it comes loose. Well done, you have just disconnected the taps and cistern.
  • Unscrew the large plastic nut by hand to remove the waste pipes from the traps. Sometimes the pipes just push into the joint, so pull them out.
  • You can now take the old furniture away.


Fit The New Suite

You can now introduce a new suite, but leave as much packaging on it as you can to protect it while you work. The professionals will mount the taps on sinks and shower baths before they put them in place. You should too because the locknuts are hard to access afterwards.


My top tip is to use flexible hoses to reconnect the water pipes. Follow this guide.


  • Cut the water pipes about six inches shorter than they are now and clean the ends of them with wire wool until they are nice and shiny.
  • Fit straight compression joints onto the ends of the pipes. To do that, take the joint apart and slide the nut on the pipe first. Put the olive on next and wrap it in PTFE tape. Next, introduce the joint and slide the nut up to it. Tighten it to crush the olive and make the joint waterproof.
  • When the straight joints are on, screw one end of the flexible tap connectors onto them and use a spanner to tighten them.
  • Take the other end of the flexible pipes and screw them onto the bottom of the taps.


That method of connecting the taps is far easier than messing about with copper pipes. You can connect the toilet using one too, but it might look ugly unless you box it in.


The waste system is straightforward. Fix some new traps to the bath and sink. Cut some new plastic pipe with a hacksaw if necessary and manipulate it into place.


When you are ready, turn the water back on and check all of the joints for leaks. Compression joints are reliable, so as long as they are tight you should have no problems. Use some new silicone sealer around the bath to finish the job.


That’s all for today; I hope you have the confidence to change your suite now. There are professionals on hand if you get stuck, so you have nothing to lose. Save some cash and do it yourself!

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