Interesting Ways to Save Energy and Conserve the Environment

Interesting Ways to Save Energy and Conserve the Environment

We all have to be committed to lowering our energy bills. One reason for that is that money literally doesn’t grow on trees and we must all learn to be more frugal. The other reason is that, by using too much energy, we are destroying our planet. One important and unusual way to actually save the planet by conserving energy is to have energy efficient window blinds installed in your home. This could actually lower your energy bills by between 10% and 25%, which means you can actually see a return on investment as well.

Natural Gas Is Causing Hardship across the Country

Environmental agencies around the world have stated that the current price of natural gas is creating undue hardship on many people. The same is true for heating oil. However, there are things you can do to make small changes, thereby saving yourself some money. These things include:

  • Making sure your windows and doors are not draughty.
  • Using a programmable thermostat in your home and setting it in such a way that you are more energy efficient (lowering the temperature by just 1 degree can make a huge difference).
  • Installing blinds on your windows that are energy efficient.

Blinds and Shades Help in all Temperatures

Various studies have now demonstrated that blinds don’t just help keep the heat in, they also help to keep your home cooler on a hot day. In fact, the sun’s heat can be reduced by as much as 45%. The best blinds to achieve this are faux wood and wood blinds. They allow breezes to come through if you have a window open, but they block the sun.

Cellular Shades

According to the Department of Energy, properly installed window shades are some of the easiest ways to save energy. Cellular or honeycomb shades are said to be the best ones at conserving energy. This is because they are designed to actually trap air in place. Additionally, these types of blinds allow you to decide how much light can enter the home. You can get these types of shades ranging from full blackout to solar, which block the sun but still allow you to see outside.

Tips to Use Your Blinds Properly

  • During winter, open blinds and shades on the south end of your home to let more heat in.
  • During summer, keep all your blinds closed during the day to keep the hot sun out.
  • During the night, close all your blinds to stop heat from escaping.

How to Find the Right Blinds

The best place to shop for blinds is online. You have the biggest range of blinds available there, at the best possible prices. You also have an opportunity to compare different manufacturers, designers and stores so that you can find the blinds that are most suitable to your needs. Many stores also include an installation service or, at the very least, offer hints and tips on how to put your blinds in place.

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