Make your Bedroom More Stylish with these 2 Updates

Make your Bedroom More Stylish with these 2 Updates

We spend a third of our lives asleep in our bedroom. It’s where we start and end almost every day. So you want to make your bedroom as comfortable as possible. Yet you don’t want to waste money and effort on renovations that almost no one else will ever see. So here are 2 easy ways to make your bedroom more stylish.


Clear Out the Clutter


Before you do anything else, clear out the clutter. Get rid of the clothes you’re never going to wear. Purge the dried-out makeup and costume jewelry you only wore once. Dump the pumps you keep promising yourself you’ll wear again. You don’t have to feel guilty about it. Donate these items to charity or sell at consignment. And don’t forget the walls of your bedroom. Take down the posters and pictures you don’t care about anymore.


Why will cleaning out the clutter make your bedroom more stylish? First, it’s hard to show off your bedroom when it’s covered in dirty clothes. Second, the clutter itself pulls us down. It creates stress and anxiety. Third, it’s an impediment to cleaning. Once you get rid of the clutter, there’s still dust on the flat surfaces and debris in the carpet. Fourth, there’s a fair chance it allows the original decorative elements of the bedroom to shine. Fifth, removing most of the junk makes it that much easier to organise it all so that it stays out of the way.


Update Your Wardrobe


A great way to update the bedroom is to install a custom wardrobe. This can radically change the look and feel of your bedroom and also help you to organise your things. Whether you have a small corner closet or a large walk in closet, your wardrobe should have shelves and bars for storage. If you want to add that extra element of luxury, you can also choose a wardrobe with display cabinets, so you can lay out your possessions in a decorative manner, whether it’s personal photos, trophies or jewelry. You should also think about shelving for your shoes. It’ll be much easier to finding those shoes you want if they’re lined up side by side instead of jumbled together in a pile. Your wardrobe and the rest of the bedroom will also feel more spacious, since there are fewer items piled up in the corners.


Your re-organised bedroom doesn’t have to look like Marie Kondo came through, but the average bedroom looks far better after you’ve cleaned up and organised your things.

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