Properties of Outdoor Foam

Properties of Outdoor Foam

When it’s time to replace the cushions on the furniture that you have on the patio, consider outdoor foam. This foam is often a little more durable than the typical material that you would find in cushions. It is usually waterproof, which is a benefit if you don’t cover the cushions on the furniture.

The foam is also a bit stiffer, which can sometimes make it more comfortable for sitting. According to The Foam Factory, outdoor foam also has anti-microbial properties, which make it resistant to mold and bacteria.

New cushions made with this kind of foam usually last longer since they are made with a material that is meant to be outside. Since there is usually more padding, you will find that you don’t have to replace them as often. Covers on the foam will often fit better, making your furniture beautiful and desirable to look at instead of using foam that flattens after only a few uses. The foam dries almost immediately after it gets wet, which will help in decreasing any mold or mildew that would form with other cushions.

When you’re using foam cushions, you will notice that there are larger pores in the material. The pores promote water drainage and air circulation. The material is ideal for back cushions since they are firmer. Because the material quickly drains water, it’s ideal for using as cushions for a boat. The material can also be used near a pool or a lake so that you have somewhere dry to sit.

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