Retain your Pond’s Natural Balance

Retain your Pond’s Natural Balance

Keeping your pond and its inhabitants in the very best of health and looking beautiful can take dedication and care.  Swell UK have a wide range of top quality, fuss free products that can make the task easier. Save energy, money and maintain the delicate eco-balance in your pond the most environmentally friendly way possible with these great tips.

Algae Busters

Barley straw has long been a popular pond cleansing product. It avoid the need for harsh chemicals that can upset the delicate balance of your pond.

Barley straw is often used to rid your garden pond of unsightly blanket weed and other algae. As it breaks down the straw releases hydrogen peroxide and kills off the algae. Microbiobes consume the phosphates and nitrates in the water that algae needs to thrive, and therefore makes the water much less hospitable to algae cells.

To use this simply add to the pond surface and leave it to work. It works best in temperatures over 10⁰C, which is ideal, as algae is always much more rife in the warmer months. The whole process can take around 6-8 weeks, so add barley straw as soon as the weather warms up and hopefully your pond will remain clear and clean.

Choosing floating plants can also offer shade, which cuts down on the amount of light. This is great if your pond is in a sunny spot and algae is a problem. Large leaves offer shade and a resting spot for visiting wildlife. Look out for Water Hyacinths or Bog Bean, just two examples of the many plants that offer surface coverage and create habitats too.


Keeping the water well oxygenated is vital to maintain good plant and fish health. Some plants help to increase the oxygen levels within the pond. There are hundreds of plants to choose from, from the exotic looking water lilies, grasses such as Soft Hornwort or… As photosynthesis transpires oxygen is released, benefiting the whole pond.

A solar air pump is ideal in the summer months to boost aeration. As the water moves around, the oxygen in the water is distributed, reaching all areas and avoiding stagnant smelly patches. As it uses the sun’s rays it has no running costs and requires little input.


Good overall maintenance will keep the pond ticking over nicely and hopefully avoid water problems. Regular water testing will flag up any problems such as ammonia, pH spikes and other potential problems.

Perform partial water changes to maintain the best water quality and ensure that your pond continues to run as smoothly as possible.


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