Some Great Accessories to Get with Your Sauna

Some Great Accessories to Get with Your Sauna

If you have installed a sauna in your home or garden, you will want it to look perfect and authentic. This is why you will need a number of accessories. Let’s take a look at some of the unmissable accessories to go with a traditional sauna.

Sauna Accessories

  • Loofahs, which is often used in European and Asian baths. It helps to revitalize the skin and make it glow. Loofahs are natural, organic sponges that improve circulation, thereby promoting healthy skin.
  • Sauna brushes, which allows you to properly scrub your body as you sweat. They come with long and short handles, telescopic handles, or no handle at all and have natural bristles to help exfoliate the skin. Like the loofah, they help rejuvenate and regenerate.
  • Sauna buckets or sauna pails, which are traditionally used to hold the water to be poured over the hot rocks. They should be copper, pine or cedar. Make sure it is empty after use and stored upside down, or the wood will be affected by the heat. Buying a liner is also a good idea.
  • Essential oils like birch, eucalyptus, spruce, pine, menthol, wintergreen, lime or lemon. Just a few drops is enough to totally invigorate the senses.
  • Backrests and headrests, so that you can be completely comfortable. They can also be turned into footrests so that you are always comfortable.
  • Ladles or dippers, with which you toss the water out of the sauna pail onto the rocks. A dipper is essential as it protects the hand from the steam and the hot rocks. It also gives you more control over the amount of steam you allow in your sauna.
  • Peg racks, onto which you can hang your bathrobe or towel.
  • Sauna soap, which is a soap designed for highly sensitive skin. It should be fully hypoallergenic and is usually based on a pine or birch fragrance.
  • Sauna times, which will make sure you don’t overstay in the sauna, which can be dangerous. Usually, people choose an old fashioned sand hourglass, as these fit the overall sauna look.
  • Sauna whisks, known as vasta or vihta in Finland. Traditionally, it was a bunch of twigs that people used to flagellate themselves or others. These are designed to further improve blood circulation. There is no religious or sexual association with these whisks.
  • Hygrometers and thermometers, so that you can see how hot it is and what the moisture content is in the sauna. This will ensure that you do not actually burn yourself while you are in the sauna.

With the above tools and accessories, you will be able to have the sauna of your dreams. It will look absolutely fantastic and it will be far more efficient as well, because you will be able to properly enjoy yourself and experience the many health benefits that come with using a traditional sauna. Often times, when you purchase a sauna or sauna kit, you will also be able to purchase matching accessories.

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