The Right Toilets Could Help Reduce Injuries

The Right Toilets Could Help Reduce Injuries

To many of us, it may seem strange, but the number of injuries caused every year by toilet seats is growing at a surprising rate. The reasons for this are numerous, and those most hurt tend to be younger males whose unmentionables are knocked by falling lids, but even plenty of adults end up in A&E every single year due to accidents involving the humble toilet.

As such, the right seats and the right toilet in general may be vital when looking to avoid such accidents. Many people choose bathroom toiletsfollow as part of much bigger bathroom suites, not giving a

second thought to how practical a certain toilet will be in their own specific bathroom space. As such, many individuals have a toilet that doesn’t quite fit into their bathroom effectively, whilst others will have a toilet that simply isn’t fitted correctly. In both cases, accidents are eventually likely to occur.

Checking your current toilet to see whether or not it is fitted at the right angle and is easy to access should allow you to see whether or not accidents may be likely to occur in the future. Not only might those with smaller bathrooms need a smaller toilet or even one whose cistern in inset into the wall, but there will be many other reasons why accidents might be caused, from poor positioning right through to old and ineffective seats needing replacing.

It is not just issues related to falling seats that can be raised by having old toilets in the bathroom. With more problems likely to arise the older a toilet gets, there may also be issues with overflowing cisterns and faulty flushes, both of which can cause anything from slips and falls to maintenance related accidents and injuries.

No matter how careful you are or how good your reflexes, an old toilet or an old toilet seat could lead to accidents, and those with younger children will have an even greater need to ensure that their toilets are as safe as possible.

The style of toilet and the type of seat chosen can also make a difference, with heavier seats causing more damage when they fall. In many cases, heavier seats will actually be more likely to fall too, due to the simple fact that gravity is far more likely to pull down a weighted seat that is at the wrong angle than one that happens to be much lighter.

It may seem that the toilet is a fairly innocuous addition to a bathroom, but the growing numbers of accidents and injuries in which they play a major part suggests otherwise. From making sure you have the right toilet and the right seat through to making sure you have it positioned in the right part of your bathroom and that it is positioned correctly on the wall or floor, there will be many ways to reduce the chances of such accidents, as well as many ways to ensure that younger children are not made even more wary of using the toilet when they are first being taught to do so.

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