The Three Essential Stages of Transitioning Toward a Green Home

The Three Essential Stages of Transitioning Toward a Green Home

Just go green.”

Easier said than done, right?

From the boom of the organic food industry to public concern for environmental sustainability, the green movement arguably has more momentum than ever. While going green within the home may be the source for a lot of hype, it’s increasingly clear that many homeowners are reaping the benefits of a green life style.

What kind of benefits are we talking about? First and foremost, consider the following:

  • Health benefits, such as avoiding needless toxins and chemicals: also consider the mental health benefits such as increased mental clarity

  • Peace of mind in knowing that you’re helping the environment and ultimately reducing your environmental footprint

  • Financial benefits, such as potential tax breaks and money saved as a result of reduced energy costs

Unfortunately, the green label is often stereotyped as having a hefty price tag in the eyes of newbies; however, the high price of going green is often a myth perpetuated by naysayers. Going green can most certainly keep cash in your pocket if you’re smart about how you adopt the lifestyle.

Likewise, you shouldn’t be expected to transform your home into an eco-friendly utopia overnight. In fact, rushing the process may in fact work against you. Rather than rushing into the green lifestyle at home, consider how you can ease into a green home in steps to make the transition easier and more cost-effective.

The question remains, where do you start?

Stage One: Simple Lifestyle Changes

Don’t start by knocking down the walls in your home or trying to revamp your entire house at once. Instead, take some small steps in the form of smart investments and lifestyle changes to make the process of going green seen much less daunting. For starters, consider some straightforward ways you can embrace nature within the home such as…

  • Investing in natural materials: for example, a majestic wooden master bedroom set represents a timeless look for any space and brings you closer to nature as you slumber

  • Start shopping for organic food and cleaning products to avoid needless toxins and chemicals in your diet and living space

  • Replace your current light fixtures with high-efficiency bulbs; likewise, perhaps try to let more natural light into your home when possible

Small changes at home can go a long way: the more you embrace an organic lifestyle, the more likely you are to move forward with green living.

Stage Two: Eco Awareness

Now, here’s where you start to put in a bit more legwork. Environmental awareness is a cornerstone of greener living, so consider the following as more serious lifestyle changes such as…

  • Cutting down on emissions: perhaps it’s time to sell your second vehicle or consider biking as means of getting around if you live in an urban area

  • Get into a regular recycling routine, making a conscious effort to avoid needless waste

  • Start your own garden to bring yourself closer to nature: in due time, you can actually start growing your own vegetables for some truly organic cooking

While such steps may seem a bit extreme at a glance, you may very well find that environmental consciousness correlates directly with your peace of mind.

Stage Three: Heavy Home Improvements

The third and final stage of the transition into green living requires some heavy home improvements. This should represent the “end goal” of your lifestyle: from full home remodeling to installing solar panels or new windows, you should take extreme care with such projects and only invest in them when you can afford them. Thankfully, certain green projects may qualify you for tax credits depending on where you live.

Regardless of where you’re at in terms of your green lifestyle, there are incredibly simple steps you can take with your home décor and design to bring you closer to nature. Start with the “small stuff” and move forward from there: you may be surprised at just how attached to green living you become in a relatively short frame of time.

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