The wonders of PH Lamps

The wonders of PH Lamps

Poul Henningsen has created timeless classics, which are suited for all kinds of homes. He was a master of lighting and knew exactly how to work the light source so the whole room would change its appearance. With a background in architecture, he was highly aware of the importance of great lighting to a room, and that is perhaps the reason behind his great success in designing lamps – of course combined with his brilliant sense for aesthetics, which has resulted in lamps being aesthetically pleasing to the eye providing great lighting for every occasion.

Most iconic PH Lamps

There is no doubt that the PH series is probably the most iconic series of lamps Poul Hennigsen has ever created, although the Artichoke, the Bollard Lamp and the Snowball are close runner ups. When looking at the lamps, it is quite clear that Poul Henningsen is behind the marvellous designs. That is because he has managed to create designs for all his lamps, where the lamp shade play an important role in spreading the light downwards hence creating soft shades and pleasant lighting. The shades can be combined across sizes and colours and made it possible to construct different designs from the same base.

  • PH Series: This is a series of pendant lamps consisting of three or more metal shades. It began with the three shade system, which is based on the idea that it is possible to control the fixture’s shadows and hence the glare, and then the three shade system was suddenly born. It reduces the amount of light due to the shades’ distance from the light bulb. As a result, the PH series give a diffuse reflection and soft lighting because if its iconic arching shades.
  • The Artichoke: Iconic pendant lamp that gets its name from its resemblance to an artichoke. It consists of metal plates held together by wire, and therefore differs in its visual expression compared to lamps from the PH series.
  • The Bollard Lamp: Table lamp that resembles the PH series with the three shade system. This lamp is the conversion of the PH series and especially the PH3 into a table lamp. The vision was to create light that was free of unwanted glare and was economic at the same time.

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