Tips on Keeping Your Garden Trees Healthy During the Summer

Tips on Keeping Your Garden Trees Healthy During the Summer

Trees may be the life in your garden, growing tall and elegant. However, during the hotter summer months they can get stressed. It is a very difficult time for trees.The first thing you should do, to keep your trees healthy during the summer months, is to constantly watch over them. They are yours to protect and nourish. Even the hardest species of trees suffer during the warmer months. Dry and humid conditions can leave your trees a little stressed. The hot summer months can leave your trees open to diseases, ruined branches and lifelessness.


These tips will help you keep your trees healthy through any periods of hot weather.


You should avoid pruning during the hot summer months as it can leave your tree more prone to diseases.

There are a number of tree surgeon providers that can help you with this. In Tulsa, where the summers are very warm indeed, Rickert Tree Service in Tulsa OK can assist in pruning your beloved trees.


As summer is by far the warmest and driest of all the seasons, it makes perfect sense to ensure that your tree is well-watered.

Make sure you look out for any dropping leaves and wilting. It may start off small with the leaves, but can quickly spread down the branches. When the health of the branches starts to disintegrate, insects can get in and loosen them from the rest of the tree. Installing a water system can help keep your trees in a healthy condition.

Keeping your tree well watered will ensure that it remains healthy. A great way to do this is to place a big syringe, near to the base of the tree, to ensure the roots get water directly. This is called a Deep Root Irrigator.

You can also place the dead leaves of the tree around the base and water. This will slow down the drainage and allow a more constant flow of water down to the tree root.


This should only happen at certain times of the year. The best time to fertilize your land around your trees is during the late spring or early summer. If you apply any fertilizer later than this then you may find that any growth is cut short by the colder autumn and winter.


Rubbish and litter, as well as other materials can stop water reaching your trees roots. It is best to remove these objects to ensure that your trees do not suffer during the warmer summer months. Removing litter can also reduce any impact from chemicals and other substances. These substancescould be released into the soil around your trees.


This provides your tree with a layer of insulation, keeping it much cooler during the hot summer months. Mulch conserves the water around the root of the tree, meaning that you do not have to water it as regularly. If you do decide to do this, the best practice is to keep a layer around the base, but not directly against the trunk.

These tips should keep your trees in a great condition during the summer months.

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