Vital Considerations When Building Your Own Waterfront Holiday Home

Vital Considerations When Building Your Own Waterfront Holiday Home

Do you ever dream of owning a place by the sea that you can retreat too whenever the world gets too much for you? You are not alone; surveys show that lots of people, if they get a windfall, would spend it on luxury holiday accommodation. Many who are lucky enough to have paid their mortgage off, undertake their own building project to give themselves the holiday home of their dreams. It isn’t a cheap project, and it is doubly hard because the property is often in a tropical country, but the rewards are worth all of the stress. If you are thinking about taking on such a project, there is some useful information here to help you.


Advantages Of A Waterfront Home

Most people love the ocean. The sight and sound of it both excites and calms us. It offers much to people who have a hobby that involves water. Think about the things you could do if the sea were on your doorstep.


  • Fishing. It is still one of the biggest sports for men who are getting on in years. Sea fishing brings more excitement than fishing in a pond as you must battle with many of your catches.
  • Waterskiing. If you are fit and brave, race across the waves at breakneck speed. Exhilarating.


Vital Considerations

Location is everything. Luckily there are low maintenance land lots available for self-build projects that have all utilities supplied to them. You will find idyllic settings all over the world that are waiting to welcome you.


It seems that there is a price to pay for living in beautiful surroundings. Often the most beautiful tropical settings are battered by fierce storms at certain times of the year. Do your research and calculate if it is worth taking the risk and constructing there. There are cases where people have invested all of their money and lost everything.


The building regulations may not be the same as you are used to at home. Always ask the opinion of an architect from where you live before you start building.


Are the contractors there reliable? Building your own home here is difficult enough, but communicating with someone who may be a couple of thousand miles away will be difficult.


Features To Include


You must include a deck where you can sit, enjoy a drink, and overlook the beach and the ocean in all its majesty; it is why you paid so much. Seafront real estate is expensive and hard to come by for a reason.


Think about installing an infinity pool. For those who don’t know what that is; the water level comes tight to the top of the pool and will run over one end of it, only for it to be collected and returned to the pool. When you are in the water, it gives the illusion that the water carries on forever because the pool and ocean appear to join seamlessly.


Do you still want to build your ocean view home? During the times you are not there, you can let it out to holidaymakers and earn much money from it. In my opinion, anyone who has worked hard and owns a place such as this has made it in life, and they deserve all of the enjoyment they get from it. Good luck, I hope you make it.

Picture by Felix M

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